Evaluation Capacity

Grow your ability to use data

The Evaluation Capacity Lab is an initiative of Evaluand LLC, specialists in helping clients answer hard questions with all kinds of information.

Sure, Evaluand can design and implement research and evaluation studies for industry, government, and education clients, for all kinds of reasons. But some managers would like their organizations to grow their internal capacity to collect, analyze, and use evidence for decision making and communication purposes.

Are you one of those?

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Kirk Knestis


Evaluand’s founding Principal, Kirk Knestis, has been a professional evaluator and researcher for more than 20 years, having previously been a business owner, K-12 STEM and arts educator, and university faculty member. He specializes in mixed-method evaluations; research and development to test and improve education and social services innovations; and the design of theory-based studies to understand implementation and outcomes of complex, multi-level, and multi-site change innovations.

He is also ready to help your organization learn what he knows.

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